Side Effects And Legal Issues Of Anabolic Steroids

Anabolic steroids mimic the effects of natural body hormones. Many people use such steroids to look manly and more masculine. The drugs are used to build muscles and enhance performance. Many sports persons end up in trouble after using steroids because these drugs are banned in professional sports. Users take such steroids mostly to develop muscle mass. The drugs are useful in recovering faster after a strenuous exercise routine. The steroids are available in both liquid and tablet forms. The injectable steroids are injected and not ingested.

Anabolic steroids have medical usage. Patients suffering from anemia and muscle weakness after surgery are prescribed these drugs. They benefit from the muscle building effects of these steroids. Most of the time, such steroids are used mostly by bodybuilders, sports persons and athletes for performance enhancing purpose. Young individuals trying to improve their physical appearance use these products. The steroid drugs are known to offer some advantages to people involved in professional bodybuilding, athletics and sports. They are able to train harder and longer. It becomes easier to recover faster from harsh workouts. When coupled with a good exercise regimen, these steroids are very effective in building muscle mass.

At the same time, anabolic steroids are very powerful drugs and there are many side effects of these substances. The side effects can be simple ones or very harmful depending on the type of steroid used, the user’s age and health, and the amount of steroid taken. Many users suffer from “roid rage” that causes violent mood swings and outbursts. Some unwanted side effects include shrinking of testicles and acne. The user can become aggressive and paranoid. The person becomes angry even at friends and family members. Men may experience problems like erectile dysfunction, loss of hair and development of breasts. Women users experience side effects like development of male characteristics, such as hair loss, facial hair, smaller breasts and deeper voice. It can impact their menstrual cycle and lead to reduced sexual drive.

In both men and women, there is increased risk of heart disease, heart attack, blood pressure, stroke and liver failure. Regular use of anabolic steroids can cause aggression and sleeping problems. Use of dirty needles or wrong injection method can lead to gangrene and ulcers. Sharing of infected needles increases the risk of contracting diseases like hepatitis C, HIV and other blood related infectious diseases.

Anabolic steroids are placed in the category of class C drugs. It means these steroids can be purchased only with a prescription issued by a doctor. It is illegal to export or import steroids using freight, courier or postal service. However, possession of these drugs for personal use is legal. The user is required to export or import the drug only in person and not through any other service. Import or possession of the steroids for the purpose of selling is punishable by prison term of 14 years and unlimited fine. For these reasons, it is advisable to use anabolic steroids only after obtaining a prescription from a doctor.